European Adventist Media Convention 2012

October 7-11, 2012



Welcome to the European Adventist Media Convention webpage.

This Convention is intended to offer a platform of resources in order to ameliorate the mission of the church in announcing the Second Coming of Jesus.

If you are engaged in a Radio or Television ministry, this convention is for you and will help you improve your skills and competences in this field. Professional speakers will guide you to find ways to perform your ministry at its best.

Whether you are working in the area of Internet as webmaster or programmer, and you would like to empower your performances in this domain; or whether you are in charge of making news, stories, press releases, and you would like to enhance your job - this convention is for you! Everyone involved in the Communication domain at church level as well Conference and Union level is invited to participate at our European meeting.

Through workshops and various presentations, you will be guided to explore the fantastic world of media. You will have the possibility to be in connection with your colleagues from other countries and to give your contribution to create a worthwhile network. Your contribution is requested also in sharing what you are already experiencing in the field you are operating in.  If you need support to improve your competence even more, you can do that thanks to an advanced training for your proficiency offered also in this convention.

The Convention will be hosted in Germany, at the Euro-Africa Media Center Stimme der Hoffnung.

Visit the page of the Programme, explore the four modules, keep the idea and Register your name.

See you there, enjoy your life.