Welcome to the European GAIN
Inter-European Division 2014



GAiN is a community of Seventh-day Adventist technologists and communicators who connect to discuss the creative use of Internet technology in their work focusing the mission of the church to share the message of the gospel.

GAiN was organized in 2004 by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The community meets in an annual forum, which is facilitated by the denomination’s Communication Department in cooperation with the church’s world divisions and lay initiatives.

Starting this year 2014 with an European GAiN, we would like to offer a possibility of sharing this creative use of Internet technology  to a wider number of participants that cannot attend the International GAiN.

The Inter-European Division (EUD), in partnership with the General Conference, is working for a new web page that is revolutionary. In the same time TV and Radio are improving their digital setting. The use on internet as media platform (TV, Radio, News, etc) is more and more improving. 

It seems to be indispensable to organize a Convention to evaluate altogether the potential we have, how to exploit it at the best and how to improve our media network in EUD. These are the goals of this European GAiN – EUD.