What is GAiN 2022?

The Global Adventist Internet Network is a Communication meeting that promotes innovative training, sharing and networking between Adventist Communication leaders and agents.


Bucharest, Romania.


 14 to 18 October 2022

Who will speak?

Experts and Leaders in the fields of Communication, Media, Press, Social Media.

Who will participate?

Content creators, radio, TV and social media producers, IT specialists, software developers, publishers, editors, communication and marketing specialists, students and trainees.


Friday program

GAiN EU 2022 Friday Program

Saturday program

GAiN EU 2022 Saturday Program

Sunday program

GAiN EU 2022 Sunday Program

Monday program

GAiN EU 2022 Monday Program

Tuesday program

GAiN EU 2022 Tuesday Program


(In alphabetical order)

Jonathan Contero

Jonathan was born in Valencia, Spain. He began his theological studies in Spain but continued them in France, and later in England. He is currently pastor of Iglesia Cero, a church he planted in the heart of Madrid. He is also the Associate Director of the General Conference Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies for Global Mission. In this center, they advise and train on sensitivity to reach secular people.

Williams Costa Jr

is the executive director for ANN and director of the Communication department at the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world headquarters. He is originally from Recife in Brazil and has previously served as a large-scale production manager and Communication director for the church in South America.

Paulin Giurgi

Paulin Giurgi studied Marketing, Company Management and International Development and is Vice President for Programming and Communications at the European media center Hope Media, which operates the German-speaking 24/7 TV-channel Hope TV near Darmstadt, Germany.

Karen Holford

Family ministries director Trans-European Division director – trained therapist, specialised in narrative psychology, and a published author.

Bill Knott

Editor and Executive Publisher, Adventist Review and Adventist World; Adjunct Professor, Andrews University Doctor of Ministry program. Before his appointment in 2007 as editor and executive publisher of the Adventist Review and Adventist World, Bill served as an associate editor for nine years. In addition to his responsibilities in the publishing arena, Bill serves as an adjunct professor for the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. He teaches doctoral project writing seminars for the Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry program.

Simret Mahary

Simret Mahary is Pastor of the Frankfurt Central Church in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He is also the founder and director of PRESENCE kulturlounge, a cultural center in Frankfurt city, which offers a variety of cultural, spiritual and life-related activities. Simret studied Theology in Bogenhofen, Austria (B.Th.) and in Friedensau, Germany (M.Th.). He also holds an M.A. in Transcultural Studies from Heidelberg University in Germany. Simret’s passion lies in reflecting what it means to be human in God’s world, experience people and art as sources of inspiration and explore how biblical and Adventist approaches to life personally relate to us today. He loves music, reading and quality time with family and friends.

Lorand Soares Szasz

is considered one of the best experts in accelerated growth for SME’s. He owns and operates one of the fastest growing training and consulting companies in Eastern Europe. More than 200.000 business owners attended his presentations and learned to grow their businesses.

During his successful career, he worked with millionaires, top CEOs, managers, small business owners and also with students who want to start their business. He focuses on teaching strategies and skills in sales, marketing, leadership, team building, financies and on bringing out the true potential in every human being by identifying their interior straights and teaching them the right skills set to be able to achieve high-level success in business. His clients say that he changed their lives not just their businesses. He also invested recently in a business on Amazon.

Norbert Zens

Norbert Zens, in office since the General Conference Session in 2010, served for nine years as the business manager of the Adventist Bogenhofen Seminary in Austria. In 2004, he became associate director for the Euro-Africa region (now the Inter-European region) of the General Conference Auditing Service (GCAS). He is married to Christine.



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Creative Video Competition

Congratulations, Doreen Lohr, winner of CVC 2022.