Creative Video Competition

Calling all influencers!

Do you love creating social media videos? Carry on reading! This is your chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Romania to attend the Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) conference, October 14-18.

For several years, the Trans-European Division (TED) and the Inter-European Division (EUD) have sought to enhance their impact through collaboration and support. Since 2018, participants at GAiN Europe have worked on joint cross-media projects. The idea is simple: pulling resources to create a project that is ultimately bigger than ‘the sum of its parts’. To achieve this, media centres of any size, together with communication departments, editors, and even individual participants, work together utilizing their respective skills, creativity, and ideas, to produce internationally awarded films, books and podcasts. 

This year, GAiN Europe is opening the door even wider. We are inviting Adventist influencers and media content creators to join us as we explore “Happiness.” We invite you to submit a TikTok, Instagram or Facebook video, up to 10 minutes long, exploring happiness from a Christian perspective. Please note we are NOT looking for a sermon, but creative content. We are looking to engage with non-believers with these videos, so please avoid “Christianese” and Adventist jargon. 

We recommend that you watch previous GAiN films to familiarise yourself with the stye/approach:

This is my Mission



Which platforms?




Every year the GAiN Europe cross-media projects focus on a topic. In 2022, we are exploring happiness. Get creative and find your story angle! You can incorporate poetry, science, positive psychology, personal anecdotes and much more. Think about these questions: What does it take to be happy? How do your relationships impact your happiness? What about your lifestyle and your faith? What does happiness actually mean? 


You can submit your video in any of the official languages spoken in the TED and EUD territories. If other than English, we kindly ask you to add English subtitles. 

How do I participate?

  1. Create a video. 
  2. Publish it on your social media platform using the following hashtags: #GAIN #Happiness #Creative #Competition #Win #Adventist 
  3. Complete our online form and submit the video’s URL link (when submitting your video, you will be asked to provide a short descriptive text of maximum 1000 characters, in English).

That’s all!!!

Is there an entry limit? 

One entrant may submit maximum three entries (an entry consists of one video clip) in total in the Competition. Each entry will be handled separately. 

What is the prize? 

There will be one prize only. The prize is an all-expenses paid trip to Romania (flight, entry free and accommodation, excluding any travelling documents, visas, or travel insurance) to attend the Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) conference in October 14-18.

Competition Rules

  • This Competition is free to enter.
  • Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of the Competition rules and the Terms and Conditions.
  • The Competition is open to Seventh-day Adventist church members, residing in the TED and EUD territory only. 
  • Entry is restricted to entrants of 16 years of age and over. 
  • The Competition will run from 15 May until 30 September 2022.
  • Automated entries, bulk entries or third-party entries will be disqualified.
  • The winning entry will be that which has met the entry criteria and is chosen by the panel of Judges. 
  • Sound effects and music may be used, as long as the participant has the right to use and disseminate it.
  • Submissions may also not be accepted into the Competition if the video features an identifiable individual who has not given their consent to appear, or if the image features advertising or trademarks which would require permission to use.
  • The decision of the Judges over every instance shall be final and unchallengeable and in their absolute discretion they may declare void any entry/ vote or the competition itself should they consider that there are no entries reaching a required standard, whereupon they can award prizes or not as they think fit.

By entering the Competition you agree that:

1. You will retain all rights you have in the copyright and other intellectual property rights comprising the Competition entry but, you grant GAiN Europe and its partners the right free of charge to republish your Competition entry;

2. You warrant to GAiN Europe that the Competition entry is wholly original to you and not wholly or substantially copied from any other material and that the Competition entry does not defame, cause injury to or invade the privacy of or otherwise infringe or violate any statutory, common law, regulatory or intellectual property rights of any third party.

Judging criteria

The Judges will look for a creative, engaging, and inspiring submission.

Your entry will be judged on:

  • Relevance of your entry to the Competition topic
  • Creativity expressed
  • Technical ability
  • Persuasiveness of the entry