GAIN EUROPE – Global Adventist Innovation Network 2020
Theme: Beyond. Beyond. More than the sum of the parts.

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Spiritual address | Goal: sharing faith & vision, personal connection


Sabbath worship | Goal: sharing faith, personal connection
Cross Media Network Project UNCERTAINTY | Goal: synergy, collaboration, network

Sunday | Monday

Goal: listening/learning from one another; supporting one another; collaboration

Step 1Project Slam Session - big picture  
                        plenum – six presentations per day (10 min each)


Step 2Cross Media Network Project - synergy, collaboration, network
– deciding the project (45 min, two slots)

               Overall strategy sharing                             
                        groups in parallel tracks* - two slots per day (first 1h, second 1,5h)

                        Track 1 Communication & Marketing - interface to society and local church
                                                brand development, marketing strategies, distribution strategy (platforms),                                                                                                                  audience building, connection to local church, fundraising strategies


Track 2 Content & Production - cross media content creation
            TV, Radio, Print, Social Media, Audi-Video Production
current and future formats and projects, trends


                        Track 3 Infrastructure Technology/IT

* Purpose of tracks

  1. overall strategy break-down
    Define/identify goals, objectives, themes
    Share regional/local experiences/projects
  2. Identify needs and challenges
  3. Identify ways and initiatives for collaboration


                                                IT, Web, Virtual Reality, etc.

Step 3Case Studies – Workshop/discussion                    
                                    small groups
- six workshops per day each 1,5h

Step 4Case Studies – Workshop/discussion