Launching at GAiN Europe 2020 – an international multi-media network project crossing borders and cultures to share fascinating real-life insights and stories that bring faith and hope.

The 2020 project has gone and will include a book, a 5-part-documentary series, social media spots, a series of short films, a feature film from South America and, for the first time, a student-led Sonscreen project from North America.

The Documentary Series:

10 stories of real people dealing with uncertainty in their lives. Meet a refugee who seeks a new beginning, a couple desperate for a child, a man who faces the rest of his life in prison, and a mother of young girls who knows that any day could, potentially, be her last.  Just some of the stories that will captivate your heart and mind.

The Book:

Professionals from the across the spectrum of Adventism write about dealing with special aspects of uncertainty. Do you have questions about God, religion or faith?  How do you deal with trauma and issues of mental or physical health?  How can we change focus while dealing with uncertain issues?

Social Media spots:

Do you need something to use in your social media that can attract people towards faith?  These spots are for you.

GAiN Extras

The GAiN Europe network project is in its 4th year and has grown – both in size and geography.  Adding to what was already an award winning international project, this year we add contributions films from North and South America, with the documentary series roaming even further afield.  Be surprised and blessed by this special series.

Launch date: 25 April 2020 at GAiN Europe, Bucharest, Romania.