Launched at GAiN Europe 2020 – an international multi-media network project crossing borders and cultures to share fascinating real-life insights and stories that bring faith and hope.

The 2020 project is complete and it includes a book, a 5-part-documentary series, social media spots, a series of short films, a feature film from South America and, for the first time, a student-led Sonscreen project from North America.

'The Uncertainty season 2 will follow the same structure with a feature film, a series of short films, social media spots, a documentary series and a book.
Watch below the trailer for the second season of Unceratinty.

GAiN Extras
The GAiN Europe network project is in its 5th year and has grown – both in size and geography.  Adding to what was already an award winning international project, this year we add contributions films from North and South America, with the documentary series roaming even further afield.  Be surprised and blessed by this special series.

Resourcers Uncertainty Season 2 (continue)